A Promising Discovery!

Researchers have discovered yet another possible way to reverse the effects of Fragile X. Fingers crossed!

Researchers eye key to restoring brain function

Umma is such a dunce.

As soon as I posted about the great drop off this morning I went straight back to work. At 6 I got a phone call from daycare wondering when someone was going to be picking Monkey up. Crap! I totally forgot!

No harm done, he was hanging out with two of the providers having . . . → Read More: Umma is such a dunce.

Monkey is at daycare today

and he could not care less apparently! We drove him in so Duhdee could get a workday at home. When we arrived at daycare he walked right in. The place was very lively this morning with lots of big and little kids. He went to the little kids side, sat down, took off his shoes . . . → Read More: Monkey is at daycare today

He’s communicating like crazy!

Last night we had dinner out.  Monkey filled up on bread while we were waiting for our dinners so he only ate a little bit before he announced he was all done.  Since Duhdee and I had just started eating I told him he had to stay sitting and wait.  First, he tried this sentence “All . . . → Read More: He’s communicating like crazy!

Duhdee just interrupted my shower.

Yes, I just showered and the day is almost over. Got a problem with that??

Anyway, Duhdee just interrupted my shower to tell me that Monkey was in the living room saying “Ma Ma” and signing shower, lol. I do wish he’d CALL me Mama but the fact that he can is enough. For now, lol.

He’s doing fantastic with his new bed!

We are so pleased with how well Monkey has handled the transition. The second night in his new bed Umma had to employ a Super Nanny technique. After I put him down he proceeded to get up and come out of his room 5 or 6 times. The first time I told him it was bedtime and . . . → Read More: He’s doing fantastic with his new bed!

He made it until 5 AM!

He wandered in our bedroom dragging his blanky around 5 and signed for us to get up.  I don’t think so little man!  I tried getting him back to bed…it lasted for a few minutes and then Duhdee took over.  Duhdee managed to get him back to sleep twice by 6 AM and then gave up.  . . . → Read More: He made it until 5 AM!

Guess who has a big boy bed!

He went right to sleep, no getting up, no fighting the change. So cool.  Now let’s see if he sleeps through the night!