“He’s looks so much like his Daddy!”

This has been a constant refrain since Monkey was born.  It started the week he was born.  My mother-in-law brought a copy of the picture taken of Duhdee in the hospital when she came for her first visit and it took my breath away.  Monkey looked just like his dad, they could have been . . . → Read More: “He’s looks so much like his Daddy!”

A confession and a funny story.

I hate milk. I have hated milk since my mom switched us from whole milk bought directly from the dairy across the street to grocery store milk. Blech. Duhdee doesn’t like it either, I’m not sure how far back his distaste for it goes but definitely since childhood.

I do recognize, however, that there . . . → Read More: A confession and a funny story.

The rest of the weekend…

On Sunday the three of us took a nice long walk around Fresh Pond Reservoir, it’s one of our favorite places to go.  Monkey absolutely loves all the dogs we see on our walk.  He tries calling every single one of them over as soon as he spots them.   The constant “‘mere, ‘mere, ‘mere, . . . → Read More: The rest of the weekend…

Questions for you folks.

Is anyone trying L-acetylcarnitine (aka acetyl-l-carnitine; aka ALCAR)?  If so, where are you getting yours?  The study that was done in Italy used 500mg twice a day.  I am finding it in capsules and in powder form through healthstores.  Has anyone gotten a prescription for it?

Has anyone tried Neurofeedback?  Postive, negative, neutral experiences . . . → Read More: Questions for you folks.

I hope everyone had a fab weekend!

We sure had a great time here and we kept very busy, it’s going to take a couple posts to catch up!

Saturday was dedicated to finally finishing up the outdoor landscaping and planting our vegetable garden.  I had a very bad feeling about Saturday because Monkey started off in a very whiny mood.  He . . . → Read More: I hope everyone had a fab weekend!

He’s obsessed with my hair!

When he was younger Monkey really hated it when I wore my hair down.  As soon as I removed my hairclip he’d bring it to me and mime how to put my hair back up.  He would put the clip in his mouth, just the way I do, then twirl his hands in his hair . . . → Read More: He’s obsessed with my hair!

A migraine saved my life (part 2)

(This is an FX Memory, from before I knew I was a carrier, read Part one here: A migraine saved my life.)

After my intake evaluation it was a relief to finally be told that they wanted to admit me. My parents were totally shell shocked by how badly I was doing, I am . . . → Read More: A migraine saved my life (part 2)

It’s funny, but it shouldn’t be.

I remember when I was little my mom used to brush my sister’s teeth and every once in a while she touch the back of her tongue with the toothbrush and make my sister gag.  She’d laugh.  It was one of those things that shouldn’t have been funny but kinda was.  Like seeing someone trip, as . . . → Read More: It’s funny, but it shouldn’t be.

Monkey, who’s 4?

Monkey points to his chest and say “Meh.”

He’s really enjoying being four so far. He has enjoyed the attention this year more than ever before. We skipped the activities that we know will upset him, like singing “Happy Birthday,” and pushed him a bit on the things we thought he might enjoy, like . . . → Read More: Monkey, who’s 4?