So about the sleeping.

He definitely is sleeping more but yesterday, out of curiosity, we checked his browsing history on my laptop.  We thought he’d gotten up just before 6:00 because that is when we heard him.  He got up a little bit earlier than 6 though.  Like 3:30 early!  No wonder he was so ridiculously cranky last . . . → Read More: So about the sleeping.

Someone is sleeping.

I will not say anymore on that right now because it will surely jinx it!

In school related news, we are now ramping up on the IEP process for next year.  Monkey is due for his 3 year evaluations in March.  We’re going to write a letter to the school asking for that to . . . → Read More: Someone is sleeping.

Poor Daddy gets no respect!

When I was pregnant everyone wanted to know if I wanted a boy or a girl.  Of course I said I would be happy either way but I was kinda, sorta, hoping for a little girl…mostly because I am a girl and I “get” girls…I had no idea what to do with a little . . . → Read More: Poor Daddy gets no respect!

He is SUCH a boy.

We gathered a bunch of desktop images so that Monkey’s profile on Duhdee’s computer has a nice rotation of pictures.  This is Monkey’s favorite.

He is SUCH a boy.  Butts are funny!

Spread the Word to End the Word

The long awaited, much anticipated, appointment.

6mg of melatonin/night instead of 3mg for the next two weeks and then a another $650, 45 minute, follow-up appointment to discuss a stimulant.  And maybe a cardiologist and sleep-study…

I am … not going to comment further.

Popcorn Vomit

Tell me I’m not crazy (well, I am, but that is another post ENTIRELY!)…it looks like vomit with colored chunks!  Doesn’t it?

Tomorrow, I’ll be back with something worthwhile.  Maybe.  We do have that rescheduled appointment with the developmental pediatrician in the morning.  Then we can, hopefully, leave the vomit behind us.

You have . . . → Read More: Popcorn Vomit

Did you know?

I am a big fan of random thoughts.  Anyone who has known me for any length of time can attest to the fact that my brain…it is not linear.  This is how I end up discussing cremation with my mother on Christmas day and laughing like a loon.  Mom, if you can hold out . . . → Read More: Did you know?

Monkey see, Monkey do.

So far, 2010 seems to be the year of mucus.  Monkey has conjunctivitis, Duhdee’s new bestest friend is the humidifier and my new best friends are my ice packs.  This morning I had to lay down with an ice pack for an hour or so and Monkey, very happily, joined me in the bed . . . → Read More: Monkey see, Monkey do.