A whole bunch of little somethings.

I’ve been collecting little moments in my head that I should blog but they’re such small moments I can’t figure out how to make a whole post out of any one of them.  So, here’s a little collection of moments…list style.

One recent morning, I asked Monkey if he was hungry and he said, . . . → Read More: A whole bunch of little somethings.

At some point in the future…

We’ll be taking off for vacation somewhere for some period of time.

Is that vague enough to pass the internet security test?  Just in case it is not, for any would be thieves who may be lurking on the world wide web, or masquerading as “friends” on Facebook (I’ve got my eye on a . . . → Read More: At some point in the future…

This should really be two posts, just warning you.

It’s a longun’. 

After our last appointment with the developmental pediatrician we’ve decided that the medication we’ve been monkeying (ha! I crack me up) around with for the last few months is not The One.  We’ve switched to a new generic stimulant medication but not F.ocalin which had been the plan.  Why?  Because my insurance . . . → Read More: This should really be two posts, just warning you.

End of the year.

Yesterday was Monkey’s end of the year celebration even though he’s not actually finished school for the year.  It marked the end of the year for the peer models, the kids on IEPs will reconvene for summer session in July.

Duhdee and I managed to miss the kids’ performance.  We tried to squeeze too . . . → Read More: End of the year.

Happy Father’s Day!

Duhdee is an amazing dad.  He is an extremely calm and giving man.  He is our everything.  He can wind the child up with wild games of swinging Monkey around by his ankles, he can soothe the wounded beast Monkey can turn into at the drop of a hat, he can stop Monkey in . . . → Read More: Happy Father’s Day!

Name the story.

Monkey just “read” me a story.  Can you guess?  It’s pretty easy, lol.

Capillar hungy.

Cake! Pizza!1

Big capillar! Big!

Cocoon, sleep *fake snore sound*

A buffly!

No, pizza is not eaten in the book, it’s Monkey’s favorite food and he insists that the pie is pizza.  Wishful thinking. [↩]

You OK?

The other night Monkey and Duhdee were in the living room playing.  Duhdee told Monkey to go give me a kiss.  Monkey came running to find me.  He caught me just as I entered the hall from the bathroom and he held his arms up for a hug.

I bent over to hug him, he . . . → Read More: You OK?

I should have known better.

This morning a copy of Monkey’s ABLLS results were in his cubby at school.  I definitely agree with our advocate that it provides great visual evidence of Monkey’s skills.  I also agree with his teacher that it shows his strengths and weaknesses very effectively. 

So what’s the problem?  We were just given the score . . . → Read More: I should have known better.

A different world.

Sometimes when we talk about Monkey with co-workers or other parents it’s really clear that we reside in a totally different world.  Sometimes it makes me a little blue to be honest. 

On Thursday, I was quickly wrapping up a project meeting so I could leave for Monkey’s IEP meeting when a co-worker asked if it was . . . → Read More: A different world.