Forty-one years. FORTY-ONE!

Today is my dad’s very last day on the job. He is retiring after 41 years (!) of working for the same company. I love my dad so much and I am so, so proud of him and everything he’s done in his life. Congratulations Dad! Monkey is ready for all the “Adventures with . . . → Read More: Forty-one years. FORTY-ONE!

I like my new nightly greeting.

For a very long time, Monkey would greet me at the end of a long hard day with tears. He had held himself together all day at school and all afternoon at home and my appearance was simply the permission he needed to fall apart. Money was home! Everyone was safe! Let’s haveĀ a good . . . → Read More: I like my new nightly greeting.

He is *really* anti-birthday.

Last year he refused outright to pick out any birthday party gear. If you want to look ridiculous, and really, who doesn’t, you should try chasing your five year old around a party store demanding that they pick a theme right. now. THEN threaten them with, “We are not leaving until you pick birthday . . . → Read More: He is *really* anti-birthday.


Monkey has been asking to “watch TV” today. He will sometimes ask to watch something but it’s pretty rare and, when he does, he requests the show by the character which makes finding what he wants a lot easier. Today, however, he’s only been saying “A” when we ask what he wants to watch . . . → Read More: A?

Another @%#^ing snowday.

I’m not just feeling bitter over the fact that we still have a MOUNTAIN in our front yard from the last two storms, though that doesn’t help my mental status. I need to see some green grass soon, dammit! Anyway.

The real issue here is that between winter break and the 3 snowdays and . . . → Read More: Another @%#^ing snowday.


I just bought my little Monkey a new shirt.

How awesome is that?

**You have to open the post fully to see the picture, I’m not just overly excited about any old shirt or my (already well documented) ability to buy one . . . → Read More: It’s PERFECT!

Canada might have been a mistake.

I left my darling little boy in the hands of his Duhdee and I came back to hear this story…

Duhdee: “So, on Friday, after he took his shower he watched me take my allergy meds and put on deodorant…”

Umma, thinking “Okayyy?”

Duhdee: “Then he told me ‘My turn.’

Umma: …

Duhdee: “He . . . → Read More: Canada might have been a mistake.

I’m back and my liver still works!

No one is more amazed about either of those things than I. There was a 1/2 hour, standing at security at the YYC1, when I thought I might not make it home. I thought I was going to have an absolute stroke when one (out of ten) of the security guards decided that a . . . → Read More: I’m back and my liver still works!

Oh, I needed this!

The ladies were trying to get me to blog last night but I was too busy nearly peeing my pants. This is just an inevitable occurrence when you take four moms and introduce much hilarity1.

I wish I had amazing images of the gorgeous mountain scenery and maybe a few shots of us posing . . . → Read More: Oh, I needed this!