What is next?

So, we’re all caught up on last week. It’s time to talk…another trip, lol.

Monkey went to school today and after school Duhdee will drive him to Maine to spend the next 3 nights with his grandparents! He absolutely loves going to “Grammy’s house” and this trip will be extra fun, I think. Grampa . . . → Read More: What is next?

Home at last!

Say you have a child who dislikes change. Say you spend 3 days of running around, shopping, moving around the normal household items and routines and *then* say you travel for 3 days. You spend 3 days completely away from home asking your child to travel, play with strangers, participate in tests and practice patience, . . . → Read More: Home at last!

The Waisman Center and Home Again!

Monkey is participating in a study at the Waisman Center called “Social-Affective Bases of Early Word Learning in Fragile X and Autism.” We had our first visit in August of 2009 (which I posted about here and here) and this was our follow up trip. I believe they’re still recruiting if you’re interested in participating. There . . . → Read More: The Waisman Center and Home Again!


Shortly after I finished cleaning on Monday, my awesome niece, her friend and her corgi puppy all showed up to house/dog sit for us while we were gone. I stayed up wayyyy too late chatting with the girls. I never get enough of the two of them, they totally crack me up. So I . . . → Read More: Boston-Milwaukee-Madison

Whirling dervishes.

This past week has been an absolute whirlwind for us here at Chez Monkey. I don’t know about you but when we are expecting houseguests I suddenly feel this uncontrollable urge to wrap up every pending project on my wishlist before they arrive. Which explains why last Saturday morning I opened my eyes, looked . . . → Read More: Whirling dervishes.

Just when I think he cannot get any cuter…

Monkey has been pulling out all the cuteness stops this past week. He’s seriously in danger of getting EATEN UP because he’s been so darned sweet.

He has now started varying his nightly greetings. He no longer immediately offers me “choc-o-late?” when I arrive home1 but will now try new things most every day. . . . → Read More: Just when I think he cannot get any cuter…

Woah, what happened here?

I swear I just updated you all yesterday, how is it Thursday? Better question, how is it the middle of damned FEBRUARY? Time is slipping away too fast for me. Gah!

First things first, I’ve decided to live. *Insert eyeroll* Duhdee is now deciding if he’s going to try the cold from hell on . . . → Read More: Woah, what happened here?

From a feverish addled mind.

After yesterday’s post I went to work1 and managed to stay upright for 3 whole hours. Everyone was amazed and, also, grossed out. This cold isn’t pretty. I called my husband to come and get me on his way to pick Monkey up from school so I was there when his teacher said two . . . → Read More: From a feverish addled mind.

Completely ridiculous!

So. We just did our morning drop off.

The plan was that we’d do our normal drop off and his teacher would observe from a distance so that we could figure out the best place to transition Monkey. We wanted a location a that he was relatively comfortable in (so, not a doorway) and . . . → Read More: Completely ridiculous!