He peed on the potty!

I’m ready to get this potty training thing in high gear. He sat on and successfully peed in his potty tonight before his bath. He tells us when he needs a diaper change, he goes off for privacy when he need to go #2. Does he sound ready to you guys?


So said Monkey boy tonight as we were reading a story. I read the line “with a mighty BOOM and a billow of smoke…” and he jumped right in with a “BOOM!” of his own. He and I played a silly game of saying BOOM! to each other and giggling. He’s too much fun!

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Time flies when you’re trying to get some sleep!

We’ve decided to tackle Monkey’s sleep issues. For the last few months we’ve been really struggling here. He will go to bed and then sit in his crib (sometimes crying, sometimes not) for HOURS each night. He just cannot fall asleep. Some nights he’ll be in there wide awake for 3 or 4 hours. It’s so sad. We kept doing what we’d always done, hoping it was a phase but it wasn’t. Continue reading Time flies when you’re trying to get some sleep!

He speaks!

Tonight we were on our family walk and we told Monkey “Look, there’s the moon!” and pointed to it.  He said “moon” clear as day 5 or 6 times and when we asked where it was he pointed RIGHT at it.  So cute!