Update, so you all don’t worry.

This morning Monkey did not start whining until we were in the building and did not escalate to tears until we were in the classroom. We set Monkey up at the sink with some water and bubbles and we left him, still crying, with his teacher and his friend R. By the time we walked up . . . → Read More: Update, so you all don’t worry.

School update.

Things are not going very well right now in the school department. Monkey has been having all out meltdown fits in the mornings lately. It started with some whimpering and now it’s full out crying with snot flying everywhere fits. We’re completely wrung out. We have a game plan we’re going to work with the . . . → Read More: School update.

” ‘nomo “

Monkey speak for…snowmobiles!

He just loves thisvideo on YouTube. 

Lunch Time

 Every Tuesday Monkey gets out of school before lunch so we come home and have lunch. Like the past several weeks we walked in and walked into the pantry and I proceeded to ask him what he’d like to eat for lunch. Usually he just takes off and goes to play with some toys while . . . → Read More: Lunch Time