School is going great!

I think it’s safe to say he loves everything about school at this point although there is that little thing called Circle Time that he could do without…but he’s starting to give in there too. Yesterday morning he woke up and led me to the top of the stairs and indicated that we should go down them. SCHOOL! was his first thought when he woke up.

His teachers love him. They tell us how gentle and soft he is. How he takes the most interest in those younger than him or those who are having a rough day. He is learning all the rules and he’s enjoying himself more than we had hoped. He may even recognize his own name…twice today he picked out his own floormat for Circle Time.

Monkey and School

Monkey has now completed two days at school. They gone quite well. He’s warming up quickly to the classroom and has basically been just really exploring it. He did great on his first day and we left without any issues at all. It was a really smooth transition. Today was a bit harder as he was a bit hyper-aroused to start, but a few minutes of squeezes and he was back to normal and exploring. He still isn’t a fan of circle time, but he never really was. Hopefully that’ll change with time. Each day they’ve gone to a different nearby park as the playground at the school is still being worked on. Today on the way back from the park they got a little wet as they got caught in the rain but I was told he did great. He even played with a little girl that was at the park and he did great sharing a sit in car with other kids as well.