Therapy starts today.

Since our visit last week with the psychologist we’ve noticed definite improvement in the school transition. Last Friday he didn’t cry at all when we left though he was whining and today he was fine as soon as I got him to the sink for his water play. We still have a ways to go but it’s not feeling as hopeless as before Christmas break. Here is hoping for continued improvement on that front.

We won’t get in to see the psychiatrist until March…quite a long way to go with interrupted sleep but we’ll manage, I’m sure!

Back to the FX clinic…

School has been such a big issue for us for the last two months and Monkey is also having some sleep issues so we made a couple of appointments to talk to the experts.

Yesterday, we visited with Dr. G who is a psychologist. She is going to be helping us with the school problem. The appointment was to give her a thorough explanation of the issues and answer her questions.¬†Monkey was there hanging out while we talked. He was trying to interact with the Dr. without looking at her or actually interacting…it was really cute. He kept putting his markers on the table she was sitting at and rolling them in her direction so she couldn’t write, lol. He was pretty persistent but did not make eye contact. Read more