Monkey and I had an AWESOME day today!

We got up early, left the house at 11 and headed to the Aquarium. The trip was as fun as the destination for him. He loves riding the bus and the train.

He loved the seals and penguins. He loved looking at all the fish and crabs. He love standing at the top of . . . → Read More: Monkey and I had an AWESOME day today!

He’s seems to change every day

Yesterday B. and L. came for an EI visit and it was a really good visit. Monkey was soo happy and social during the entire visit. We’ve even started a sensory diet for him which involves using a small brush on him to help determine when he needs sensory input and to help redirect into more stimulating activities. After L. used the brush on Monkey twice he  instantly grabbed it from her and tried using it on himself. When he couldn’t get the right motion he handed it back to us to do some more. We’ve been doing it since yesterday and he’s been doing great.  He really seems to enjoy it and it seems to relax him quite a bit.

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