He’s seems to change every day

Yesterday B. and L. came for an EI visit and it was a really good visit. Monkey was soo happy and social during the entire visit. We’ve even started a sensory diet for him which involves using a small brush on him to help determine when he needs sensory input and to help redirect into more stimulating activities. After L. used the brush on Monkey twice he  instantly grabbed it from her and tried using it on himself. When he couldn’t get the right motion he handed it back to us to do some more. We’ve been doing it since yesterday and he’s been doing great.  He really seems to enjoy it and it seems to relax him quite a bit.

Today we were at his EI Playgroup which we go to every week and we were eating snack. One of the other little girls there gets really excited when snack is almost over because it means we go into the gross motor room and in that room is a toy that she and others always rock back n forth in signing row-row your boat…. So as everyone was finishing up snack she started saying “row-row” a couple times. All of a sudden MONKEY says “row-row” and B. and myself just turned to him with disbelieve. It’s truely amazing how sometimes he’ll just come out with like that.

So when we finally got into the gross motor room Monkey climbed into the sandbox all on his own. There is about a 1′ high wall on it and he carefully held onto the side while stepping over into the sand box all on his own. We then played in the sandbox for a while and he decided he wanted to go play elsewhere and looked to me to help him out….. to which I told him I knew he could do it on his own and to get out by himself. He gave me a weird look but wanted out so badly he reach down, supported himself and stepped over again. He did this 2 other times while we were playing…. Well I should say he was playing. He was mister independant today, taking off from me and exploring on his own, playing on his own but always checking in to see where I was.

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