Last IEP meeting was today.

We’re so glad it’s over and….we got pretty much everything we wanted.

Monkey is going to continue to receive in home services from Building Blocks (new providers but the same therapies) and he’ll start getting his ST, OT and PT through the school. Duhdee will have to drive him to the schools for those . . . → Read More: Last IEP meeting was today.

Status update.

We saw the substantially separate/transition classroom that CPS proposed at our last meeting. It’s OK.

There are 3 kids in there right now and 1 more starting after vacation. 3 of those 4 may be in there in the fall, 1 is being mainstreamed. There are two teachers. One is trained in sign (though possibly rusty, she doesn’t have much chance to use it according to the director.) One of the girls is non-verbal (I think), one has 11 words, the boy is on an IEP from another state b/c he doesn’t speak English so he is the one being mainstreamed. Continue reading Status update.

Not really a lot of answers.

We had another meeting with the IEP team.  The IEP programming piece is looking really good, they have given us almost everything we requested.  Our advocate was pleased with how it’s shaping up. 

Continue reading Not really a lot of answers.

Final school evaluations…done!

What a relief.  This has all been very stressful and time consuming but the last of the evaluations are DONE!  Yay!

We don’t have the official results but based on what the evaluator told Duhdee I think Beverly is a real possibility for us.  She agreed  with the speech evaluator that it is essential that . . . → Read More: Final school evaluations…done!