Last IEP meeting was today.

We’re so glad it’s over and….we got pretty much everything we wanted.

Monkey is going to continue to receive in home services from Building Blocks (new providers but the same therapies) and he’ll start getting his ST, OT and PT through the school. Duhdee will have to drive him to the schools for those sessions, the schedule needs to be worked out between us and the new providers.

Starting in September he will be in a fully integrated preschool class. It’s pretty much perfect. He doesn’t have to start full days until he’s ready, they’re leaving that up to us to decide with his teacher. They don’t think he needs the transition classroom…they think he’ll do well in a regular classroom and they don’t want to force him to go through all those changes unnecessarily.

They also put in his IEP that they want him in a mainstreamed Kindergarten with whatever supports he needs but they don’t want him in a special education classroom.

We’re really pleased with the outcome!

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