It’s been a while, I know.

We’ve been very busy having fun lately. I wrote out this whole long post the other day to tell you about all the fun we’ve been having and then the website ate it. Jerk. So, we gave that website the old heave ho and now we have this new site that is so much better. It will never eat my posts, I just know it.

Anyway, welcome to the new site.

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Icecream all around!

Tonight at dinner Monkey boy ate his meal with a (drum roll please) FORK!  Yay!  Go Monkey!  He has semi-mastered the spoon but tonight was the first time he really attempted feeding himself with a fork.  I wonder if it was because Duhdee promised him icecream if he ate with a fork?  The icecream tasted . . . → Read More: Icecream all around!