It’s been a while, I know.

We’ve been very busy having fun lately. I wrote out this whole long post the other day to tell you about all the fun we’ve been having and then the website ate it. Jerk. So, we gave that website the old heave ho and now we have this new site that is so much better. It will never eat my posts, I just know it.

Anyway, welcome to the new site.

Now on to the more interesting news. We’re all good, having fun and relaxing. We took a week off from the stress of Massachusetts and went to Maine. We had a great time. Monkey went on his first boat ride, which he loved. We spent lots of time throwing rocks in the brook, visiting with friends, watching the whirly gig and riding on the 4 wheeler. Monkey is even learning to drive the 4 wheeler which is probably not so smart of us considering he’s 3 but, you know, whatever.

He can’t really reach the handlebars yet so the steering is still left to (semi) competent adults but he can turn the key, push the ignition button and locate the throttle. He has two speeds “stop” and “full throttle.” He’s a total speed demon, no clue where he gets that from.

Last Saturday we went to a housewarming party for our newest neighbors. Monkey even ventured over to their side of the fence but I had to bribe him with a slice from Pini’s Pizzeria. I can’t blame him, that’s what tempted me into their backyard too, it’s totally yummy! He hung out a bit, drank some juice and played with his bubbles. It was nothing major but there were a lot of strangers over there and he did pretty well.

On Sunday we went out to Sudbury to visit with our friend B. She used to be his EI coordinator so Monkey knows her very well. We had a great time visiting her and her boyfriend A. We played in the pool, ate burgers and hung out. It was a really nice relaxing visit. Monkey was very impressed with A’s diving abilities. The first time A dove into the water Monkey yelled out “BOOM!” Then Duhdee took a turn which was also greeted with a loud “Boom!” Poor Duhdee and A were pestered for the rest of the afternoon, Monkey kept signing “Boom please” and pointing to the diving board. Sometimes he’d single out one of them signing “Duhdee boom please” or pointing to A before he asked. Pretty darn cute.

This coming weekend we are going to another pool party. This one is a welcome party for little Miss. S, the neighbor’s new baby girl. We’ve been to this house before and been in the pool so I am hoping Monkey will just dive right and have fun. Sunday is a work day for Duhdee. The back decks (upstairs and down) need some attention. Monkey is really fond of going out on the back deck so we need to get that all ship shape and painted so he can be out there safely.

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