I’m way busy at the moment (vacation fast approaching) but I HAVE to share this…

Pasted from IM (yes, that short on time):

[17:55] Duhdee: MONKEY JUST PEED WITHOUT BEING PROMPTED!!!!! [17:55] Umma: [17:55] Umma: holy crap! [17:56] Umma: WOOOOHHOOOOOO [17:56] Duhdee: tell me about it! [17:56] Umma: lmao [17:56] Umma: crying [17:56] Umma: . . . → Read More: OMG, OMG, OMG!

I’m not sure who needs more “training”

For the last two or three weeks (time gets away from me these days) we’ve been actively potty training and we’re having some success, I’m happy to report.  Monkey was NOT a fan of potty training at the beginning, every time we asked him to use the potty he’d sign “all done” and run . . . → Read More: I’m not sure who needs more “training”

Successful shopping.

On Sunday, before we went to NH for our nephew’s 2nd birthday party, we decided to go shopping at Toys R Us.  We needed a birthday present and we had some good coupons so we thought we’d take our time and pick out some stuff for Monkey as well.

We were able to pretty . . . → Read More: Successful shopping.

Here enters the cavalry…

This is a Fragile X Memory from before our Fragile X diagnosis.

At Monkey’s 12 month check-up his pediatrician was a bit concerned about his lack of babbling.  She asked us to set up another check-up for 15 months so that we could gauge his progress.  She reassured us and told us not to . . . → Read More: Here enters the cavalry…

Our little trickster…

Monkey outsmarts us on an almost daily basis.  I keep thinking to myself “I need to blog that!” when he does something like this but it slips my mind.  I have a few recent examples to share though.

1.  Monkey looks at Duhdee and points toward the floor.  He’ll sign/say “Help, look!”  If this . . . → Read More: Our little trickster…

Inspired by Sunny Day…

When Monkey was younger he played with a Leap Frog Fridge Farm magnet set all the time.  I had a stroke of brilliance and bought him the Leap Frog Fridge Phonic set and he promptly abandoned ALL of the magnets.  Bugger.

Recently Sunny Day posted about the phonics set and mentioned that she only . . . → Read More: Inspired by Sunny Day…

I know you are all DYING for an IEP update.

Heh.  I’m so sick of this.  I cried at Duhdee the other day “And he’s only FOUR!” I cannot believe we have…uhhh…too many more years of this ahead of us.

Anyway, I spoke to our advocate and she advised me to call (and e-mail) his team chair.  I don’t know why I didn’t think . . . → Read More: I know you are all DYING for an IEP update.

The Fragile X Clinic (Day 2 of 2)

On Friday we were back at Children’s Hospital for the genetics portion of the yearly evaluation.  There was quite a crowd this year.  Besides Monkey and ourselves there were 4 other people in the room for this part.  This visit gives them a chance to observe Monkey and ask questions about seizures (none), eye . . . → Read More: The Fragile X Clinic (Day 2 of 2)

The Fragile X Clinic (Day 1 of 2)

On Thursday and Friday we went back to the FX Clinic for Monkey’s yearly evaluations.  Thursday was the long day, he had a psych evaluation and his OT evaluation, the two were scheduled to last for a total of 5 hours combined with a break for lunch in between.

The fabulous Dr. G conducted . . . → Read More: The Fragile X Clinic (Day 1 of 2)