Successful shopping.

On Sunday, before we went to NH for our nephew’s 2nd birthday party, we decided to go shopping at Toys R Us.  We needed a birthday present and we had some good coupons so we thought we’d take our time and pick out some stuff for Monkey as well.

We were able to pretty quickly narrow down the birthday options, we wanted an outdoor toy.  That may not sound like much but that does eliminate about 3/4 of the toys at TRU, lol.  We found a lawn mower that you push and bubbles come streaming out.  It was the hit of the pre-school set, btw, if anyone needs ideas for a 2-3 year old boy or girl.

We had a coupon for a free Thomas train as well so we browsed through that section and found a new engine (Spencer!) for Monkey.  He’s a big fan of the Trackmaster trains (motorized, not wooden) and he’s gathering quite the collection.  It took a while to drag him away from the train table but we eventually succeeded.  We found this wooden puzzle with colors and shapes, both things we’re working on at the moment, so we grabbed it and then died from sticker shock.  Really?  $20 for a wooden puzzle?  I need to go to more yard sales!  I got one for $.50 the last time I went out looking.

After this stop we decided that we needed to go to Old Navy.  Duhdee needed a new pair of shorts* and we wanted to pick up an outfit for the older nephew as well since he hadn’t yet received his present and we were giving a toy and clothes to the younger…we’re all about fairness here.  While Duhdee was shopping for clothes for his nephew I chased Monkey and “redirected” him away from the door.

Basically, I was the border collie preventing my charge from running into the street.  At one point I had him cornered in the back of the store where I could let him out of my sight because there was no escape route.  Suddenly he reappeared.  He was holding a small brown stuffed bear by the ear.  Monkey doesn’t do stuffed animals (at least not since early last fall when he abandoned his blue bear.)  He looked at me, then looked at the bear and pointed at it.  “Bearr!”  “Yes, it is!”   He then hugged the bear and held it to his shoulder like it was a baby and said “Awwwwww!”  And then I died from the sweetness (which is, FYI, a whole lot nicer than dying of sticker shock.)

I quickly herded Monkey over to his Duhdee, sure that he’d toss the bear aside at any moment and run off toward the exit again but he didn’t.  In fact, he cuddled the bear for the rest of our time in the store and then marched off toward the check-out with us sighing “Awwww” over his bear.  Of course, we bought the damn bear which is a good thing since he threw himself to the ground to have a fit when we had to let the cashier ring it up.  He was good as gold once she handed it back.

It is a darn cute bear.

*Is this a guy thing or is it just my husband?  He has like 2 pairs of shorts and 2 pairs of pants that he wears all the damn time.  When they get worn or get HOLES he waits until he judges them to be “bad enough” and then he buys a replacement pair.  On Sunday, he found an identical pair to what he was wearing (they had a ripped hem) and swapped them in the parking lot (he was sitting it the truck but still.)  The ripped shorts are now “yard shorts” which means they’re reserved for the neighbors vs family now.

4 thoughts on “Successful shopping.

  • June 27, 2008 at 2:42 pm

    it’s a guy thing…100%. My husband is so that way. Whatever is cozy I guess. 😆

  • June 27, 2008 at 8:48 pm

    Awwwww, I can just picture the whole teddy bear thing—-right down to the part where he throws himself on the floor when it was handed over to the cashier!
    What is it about Thomas the Tank Engine and children with FX/Autism? Intriguing

  • June 27, 2008 at 9:48 pm

    Thomas just seems to be a little boy thing. I’d never even heard of them but every little boy I know these days is obsessed. It’s odd. It can also be a bit annoying when I’m woken up at 6:00 AM by Monkey tapping a Thomas engine on my face asking for help hooking them together. 🙂

  • June 28, 2008 at 9:47 am

    Yeah, the Thomas trains probably are an all around little boy thing. It’s just that my little boy (Kyle) forgot to outgrow it! He also likes “grown up” trains, but he’s still hanging on to Thomas. Last year, we brought them to a train show—lots of people—but they did really well (no comments of “let’s get out of here,” or “we’ll never make it home in time, or my favorite, “This is so stupid!”). They were so focused on getting a new train set!


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