How is this for weird?

The kid that never naps…is napping for the 2nd time in a week!  He lay down, covered himself over and fell asleep…just as he did earlier this week.  It’s so weird.

Well, I’ll be a Monkey’s…

Mommy, heh.

My kid…can count to 10 all by himself.  I knew he could get to 7 with prompting but he kept going when I asked him to and then repeated it several times for me b/c I couldn’t believe my ears.  Woah.

Party Time!

We had a fantastic Father’s Day this year.  Duhdee didn’t want anything and he’s really hard to buy for without instruction because he’s very particular…it’s the engineer in him, I guess.  Monkey and I gave him something that I knew he would love though, the gift of time.  We gave him a bunch of “gift certificates” . . . → Read More: Party Time!

Oh, hi!

I sort of disappeared, eh?  A few things have conspired against me in the last almost 2 weeks…1) I had a birthday and Monkey gave me The Sims 3, which is incredibly addictive; 2) Work has been very, very busy and my co-workers have been out of work leaving me to man the ship . . . → Read More: Oh, hi!

The trickster.

This AM Monkey and I took the bus to school.  While we were waiting at the bus stop one of my bus friends1 approached and greeted us.  Monkey used his favorite diversion tactic and left me very confused.  I had to translate each of these for the gentleman.

“Look!  Bus!”  (He looks at the . . . → Read More: The trickster.

Just in case you were curious.

Given our gardening activities of late, I referred to this as my “farmer’s tan” at yesterday’s gathering.  My nephew correctly pointed out that there is, in fact, no “tan” involved.  I huffed that it was my NASCENT farmer’s tan to which he responded “Nascent skin cancer, more likely.”  Touché, you little punk . . . → Read More: Just in case you were curious.

Oh, so tired.

We’ve been rather busy this weekend!  On Saturday we took Monkey on a playdate with another little boy with FX who lives nearby.  The other little boy took a 4 hour nap1 so the adults sat and chatted while Monkey amused himself with all the toys.  It is so nice to sit and talk . . . → Read More: Oh, so tired.

I started to write this as a comment and it got out of control :-)

Grammy’s comment about knowing her kids more than the teachers triggered this.  Monkey’s current teacher certainly seems to agree with the idea that we know him better than they do.  But I’m not all that sure that this is totally accurate.  I think in some ways they do know more about him than we . . . → Read More: I started to write this as a comment and it got out of control 🙂

So depressing.

I’m back to work.  *SIGH*  I was really enjoying my recuperation.  I had my own personal Buffy marathon going on.  I miss Buffy and Angel and evil Spike (I’m only part way through Season 2.)   C’est la vie.

This morning Monkey had two escorts into the classroom.  Two of the little girls in his class . . . → Read More: So depressing.