Happy Halloween!

I will not promise pictures of Monkey’s Halloween costume because I am probably not going to witness him wearing it…but his teacher reported yesterday that he wore it nearly all day at school!  This is huge!  He hasn’t worn a Halloween costume willingly since he was 2!  The other times he wore it just . . . → Read More: Happy Halloween!

The fair!

An agricultural fair is just about the most exciting place ever for me.  I mean, how can you not love it?  Cows, goats, chickens, bunnies, sheep, the smell of manure, the sight of men walking around eating turkey legs!  OK, those last two I could do without.  It’s funny, I’m certainly no . . . → Read More: The fair!

Just the right kid for me.

I can be a little…forgetful?  scatterbrained??  both???  I’m one of those people who will get out of the car, lock the doors, put the keys in my pocket and then forget where I put the keys until they turn up in the dryer.  Oops.  (Those little clicker things don’t like being washed . . . → Read More: Just the right kid for me.

I can’t believe we did this but…

we’ve decided to embrace another of Monkey’s obsessions.  Duhdee signed Monkey up for his very own IM account and installed an instant messenger program on Monkey’s profile on our computers.  We’ve set it up so only people who are on his list can IM him and his only friends are Duhdee and . . . → Read More: I can’t believe we did this but…

A day off.

Monkey created his own day off from school today by waking at 2 AM and staying awake until 5:30 AM when he finally crashed.  Umma was woken up again at 7 AM by a whiny little boy who had run from his room, where Duhdee was trying to wake him up to take . . . → Read More: A day off.


Monkey has gone through various little obsessions in his life.  When he was newly diagnosed it was spinning objects and we came down a little hard on that one.  We refused to let him play with toys that encouraged the behavior as if that would 1. stop him or 2. make a . . . → Read More: Obsessions

Right now…

I’m sitting on my couch with my laptop.  My husband is cleaning the kitchen 😉 and my son?  He is sending me instant messages from his dad’s computer.  Sure the messages are like alphabet soup with a generous dash of extraneous punctuation but it’s still dang cute.