The Dinosaur who says “Pst!”

His brain is a wonderful, wonderful mystery.

This evening Duhdee was too sore to prepare dinner1 so we had take out from our favorite neighborhood place. Monkey and I got our normal chicken finger plate to share2 and Duhdee ordered a pastrami sub. When we sat down to eat, Monkey pushed his plate away and said something…something we couldn’t quite understand. . . . → Read More: His brain is a wonderful, wonderful mystery.


I kinda don’t know what to say. I’ve hit that point where I know things are going to get better which means I must be better. I’ll take that. I have gotten so much support from my friends…so much that I sort of feel like I don’t deserve it which says A LOT about . . . → Read More: Soooo…

Heaven is…

waking up to the sound of the little boy you feared might never talk saying, “Money, help with this please!” because he wanted to play Wii Golf.


Also, for no particular reason, he has called me “Mommy” 4 times in the last 3 days. He can pretty much get anything . . . → Read More: Heaven is…

It could have been very bad.

We have this neighbor. She has a dog, a little, white mop of a thing that despises my dogs and thinks he is much larger than he really is. We made a mistake when we first moved to the neighborhood, actually, we made two.

We were nice to the woman when her little $hit . . . → Read More: It could have been very bad.


Because it is soooooo cute. Here is my little man talking about the heffalumps.

Could it be?

Today at school, Monkey was sitting at circle time enjoying a story. Well, he seemed to be enjoying a story right up until the point where he…*SNORED* loudly. The rest of the kids thought this was hysterical and *LAUGHED* loudly. Of course, you know what this means, right? Monkey spent the rest of the . . . → Read More: Could it be?

Wait, wait, wait!

I hate all the whininess here. I really am so sorry you guys. Ugh. Let’s get back to Monkey for a moment.

On Saturday, Monkey was begging to “walk the dogs?” I finally caved in even though it was pretty much dead last on the list of things that needed doing. We stayed in . . . → Read More: Wait, wait, wait!

It’s a new week but it looks awfully familiar.

What is the perfect topper to a depressed Umma? How about an incapacitated Duhdee?

Duhdee’s been having back issues since last fall, they assumed a ruptured disk that was irritating his sciatic nerve. It should have resolved within 4-6 months.┬áHe went through PT and did OK but never great. Over the last two weeks . . . → Read More: It’s a new week but it looks awfully familiar.