His brain is a wonderful, wonderful mystery.

This evening Duhdee was too sore to prepare dinner ((and Umma gets home too late to do it)) so we had take out from our favorite neighborhood place. Monkey and I got our normal chicken finger plate to share ((he keeps all the honey mustard sauce for himself though)) and Duhdee ordered a pastrami sub. When we sat down to eat, Monkey pushed his plate away and said something…something we couldn’t quite understand. I pushed his plate in front of him again. He pushed it away and very pointedly looked at Duhdee saying that word again. Finally it clicked, he was saying “Subway”! He was all smiles when we figured it out.

We have eaten at Subway, with Monkey, twice and the last time was over a year and a half ago. How did he make the connection between that sub sandwich, wrapped in plain white paper, and Subway?

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