At loose ends.

I don’t know how else to describe myself these days but to say that I am at loose ends. I’m not very good at grieving, I guess. I expected the tears. I expected to keep being brought up short when my Bubba wasn’t where I expected him to be. I expected the emptiness. I . . . → Read More: At loose ends.

Sicky boy

Since Wednesday of last week, Monkey has been feeling punky1. He has a nasty, dry cough that once it starts…normally ends in puke. Hey! Have you ever seen a kid cough and puke at the same time??? Oh, man is that FUN! You need a fire hose for clean up. Ugh. Mixed in here . . . → Read More: Sicky boy

I laughed more than I cried today.

I call that a good day.

For those who are still unaware, we had to say goodbye to Copper last Friday. Even after everything we had been through with him, even knowing for weeks that our time together was limited, I was still surprised by how quickly it all happened at the end. At . . . → Read More: I laughed more than I cried today.

It’s snowballing, in a good way!

We were “reluctant” to move Monkey to his new school, you may recall. We I threw more than one hissy fit in which I wailed over the unfairness of it all. I do still think it was unfair for the district to assign him to 3 schools in 4 years but now, with the . . . → Read More: It’s snowballing, in a good way!

Welcome to 2012! Nothing will change.

No money fairy is going to swoop down and deposit $1,000,000 in my account. No job fairy is going to flit through and drop a raise, promotion or career change in my lap. FXS fairies are not going to swarm my friends and family and revise what FXS has changed or return what was . . . → Read More: Welcome to 2012! Nothing will change.