He’s a growing boy…

I had to work late tonight so I missed dinner with Duhdee & Monkey. When Duhdee picked me up at the T station he told me Monkey had eaten a lot of dinner tonight though. So when I got home and fixed myself some macaroni & cheese (naturally) I didn’t expect to have to share it! Geeze, the kid ate 1.5 plates of food at dinner with Duhdee and then a bowl of mac & cheese with me, lol. I do not know where he puts it!

Another new sign…he has a couple Baby Signing Time DVDs that he just loves and I’ve been showing him the signs for “Signing” and “Time.” Tonight he was putting his pointer fingers together in a sort of hybrid sign. A few more days of practice and he’ll have “signing” down pat.

Oh, and? We’re almost drowning in cherry tomatoes. The plant is INSANE! We had two big handfuls of ripe tomatoes today, we’ve been getting at least 5 ripe ones each day for the last week or so. The first of the plum tomatoes is turning a slightly orangey shade too!

Another new sign!

Today after Monkey boy finished lunch I asked him to wipe his hands and face with a napkin like usual and he did an extra good job.  I helped him down from his booster seat and sat back down to finish my lunch and he went running straight for the bathroom…he wanted to wash his hands!  He came back a couple seconds later because the door was closed and he signed “wash hands” for the first time!  We’re not sure if he picked it up from me (I’ve been showing him that sign for a couple days now) or if he picked it up from his DVD.

Either way, it’s VERY cool!

The start of a good habit…

This afternoon Duhdee heard what he thought was someone using a power tool outside.  After a few minutes he walked into Monkey’s room because he realized that the sound was coming from there!  He found our son standing in front of his dresser with his battery operated toothbrush BRUSHING HIS OWN TEETH!

This evening when I got home we played under the hose for a while (it’s HOT here!)  Then when I brought him in to get changed for dinner he grabbed his toothbrush again and started brushing his teeth.  Then, lol, he started brushing mine.  Ha!  Such a cutie!

How do you decide if they’re talking?

Last night at the dinner table Monkey finished eating and then started his “I’m all done” ritual. He handed me some food from his plate, then his cup and finally picked up his plate to hand to me. Duhdee was already up so he said to Monkey, “Daddy will take your plate.” Monkey turned and said “Nuh Mama” as he handed the plate to me! It was like he was trying to say “No, mama.”

Is that really him talking? It was totally appropriate to the situation and to his actions. Do we get to count it? The other day he said “Ba” while he was holding a ball…does that count? Or does he need to repeat it??