Looooong weekend!

Yikes. The Monkey boy had a really rough weekend. He was unusually shy and anxious. Grammy and Grampy came to visit on Saturday and he cried every time they looked at him. When we ran to the store to buy the ingredients for dessert a woman spoke to him and he had another meltdown. By the time bedtime came we were all very glad!

On Sunday we went over to the neighbor’s for a barbeque. I took Monkey with me to the store to buy a bottle of wine and he had a fit each time we got back into the truck and he had a fit at the checkout when we finally found a store that was open and selling wine.

When we got home he ran around the neighbor’s back yard and got muddy. Uncle A. wasn’t thinking and had turned the sprinklers on just before the barbeque! I took Monkey back home to change out of his muddy clothes quickly and he had a meltdown when I took him in the house. The tantrum continued through the changing of the diaper, the changing of the clothes and the walk back over. I intended to tell Duhdee we were going to go home and stay there. I was at the end of my rope but Duhdee grabbed Monkey and gave me a much needed break.

Gradually, Monkey settled down and he ended up having a great time visiting (and he ate a TON of food!) After a couple glasses of wine I was feeling better too! Hopefully we’re due for some good days now!

A new skill though…he decided to try eating corn on the cob! He did pretty well too, looks like he gets his own cob from now on. He’s getting to be such a big boy!

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