The latest on the school situation

Hey all, I figured I should update on where we stand, it’s been a while since I’ve commented on the situation.

First, no decisions have been made.  Duhdee and I have toured an integrated classroom at the Beverly School for the Deaf and a substantially separate classroom and an integrated classroom in the Cambridge Public Schools.  Our first choice is the Beverly classroom, second choice is the integrated classroom at Cambridge.  There is no third choice for us.

All but one of the evaluations that are being done by Cambridge are done.  We have one more on Monday for assistive technology.  The results so far are exactly what we expected since they relied heavily on our reports and on the EI reports.  Monkey just isn’t a kid that a stranger can walk in and try to test so they did few actual “tests.”   He has been determined eligible for special education, which was really a given but they have to work through their “process.”

At the next meeting we will start working on a draft IEP.  We know he’s going to need PT, OT, ST and special education (they will have to modify the way information is presented for him to learn it.)  We’ve been working with an advocate and she has been awesome.  She has walked us through an IEP so we had our own draft/outline which we presented to the team at the last meeting.  They seemed to agree with our suggestions at first glance so we’re hoping they will use our outline to prepare their draft.

After we get the “program” we want for him written THEN we’ll talk about placement.  The CPS ST and the team leader are going to visit the Beverly program next week to see what they have to offer.  We are cautiously optimistic that they (at least the ST) will be willing to send him to that school.  If not, then we will have to discuss the need for an aid and which classroom in Cambridge he’ll attend.

Cute daycare report…

Monkey went to daycare yesterday so Duhdee and I could do a classroom visit and this is the little blurb his daycare teachers wrote:

Monkey explored with the alphabet magnets, sticking them to different surfaces like the wall, the fridge and even his own belly to see where they’d stay. He’s really communicating with the teachers – signing “please,” “help,” “cracker” and waving to the children. He’s been so helpful by rocking the babies, helping to feed them and making them smile. What a great day!

I know we’ve been short on updates…

but Monkey has been sick and we’ve been really, really busy and really, really tired.  Monkey was diagnosed with croup last Thursday.  He had a prescription for 4 days for that which worked great but he then came down with a killer stomach bug AND a cold.  He had nastiness coming out everywhere.  He’s finally feeling pretty close to normal.  He still has a cold but otherwise he’s doing much better.  Last night he slept through the night without coughing himself awake for the first time in ages.  Poor kid.

We’re pretty much all done with the school evaluations.  It’s been 3 weeks of overscheduling so we’re grateful for that.  Duhdee and I are going to visit two Cambridge Public School classrooms next week and we’re also having our first meeting to plan Monkey’s IEP.  Oh and let’s toss in 2 meetings with our advocate on top of that.  So we’re still overscheduled but at least now it’s just US and not our poor boy (who was getting all bent out of shape with all the strangers trying to play with him.)  It’s all going to be worth it though if we can manage to get all the services Monkey needs to succeed at school.

This weekend we’re going away with some friends and their little boy.  That will be really nice.