I know we’ve been short on updates…

but Monkey has been sick and we’ve been really, really busy and really, really tired.  Monkey was diagnosed with croup last Thursday.  He had a prescription for 4 days for that which worked great but he then came down with a killer stomach bug AND a cold.  He had nastiness coming out everywhere.  He’s finally feeling pretty close to normal.  He still has a cold but otherwise he’s doing much better.  Last night he slept through the night without coughing himself awake for the first time in ages.  Poor kid.

We’re pretty much all done with the school evaluations.  It’s been 3 weeks of overscheduling so we’re grateful for that.  Duhdee and I are going to visit two Cambridge Public School classrooms next week and we’re also having our first meeting to plan Monkey’s IEP.  Oh and let’s toss in 2 meetings with our advocate on top of that.  So we’re still overscheduled but at least now it’s just US and not our poor boy (who was getting all bent out of shape with all the strangers trying to play with him.)  It’s all going to be worth it though if we can manage to get all the services Monkey needs to succeed at school.

This weekend we’re going away with some friends and their little boy.  That will be really nice.

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