Monkey’s fever has broken but that cough, ugh. Because of the medications he’s on he cannot take cough suppressants either. I just went into his room to set up the Vicks Waterless Vaporizer ((No, I am not getting any compensation for that little bit of free advertising.)) and his little face just lit up. I hope it lives up to his high expectations and he gets some rest tonight. Poor kid looks exhausted.

Speaking of coughing…nope, I got nothing else to say on the topic since the fact that it sucks obviously goes without saying, right?

<Insert smooth segue here ((Fail.))>

It appears that we are planning a fund-raising walk to raise money for the NFXF and for our LINKS group so we can sponsor some fun family outings to give our families the much needed time around others who get it. I’m petrified that we’ll do all this planning and then no one will come! What can I do to get you to come? I’ll beg and I’m not above shedding some tears if that’s what it will take…just watch me sob as the actual day approaches ((Probably in August but my event planner SAMANTHA, has not gotten back to me on the location availability.)).

So, seriously, what would it take to get you to come out and join a walk besides getting to meet the incredibly hip and fun organizer? 😉

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