A True Cuteness Dump, I promise.

  • On Sunday, Duhdee woke up early and went to Toys R Us to buy a gift for Monkey that went on sale that morning. As he was leaving, in the dark, he asked “Would you like me to bring home Dunkins?” Which, really? Duh! That’s like asking me, “Hey, honey, would you like to breath today?” Anway. I said yes and put in my order ((Would you believe that I’ve become so used to him placing orders for me at Dunkins that when I attempted to do it myself last Thursday I screwed it up? He was standing next to me prompting me “Do you want it toasted?” “Yes, toasted please!” “Do you want milk & sugar in your tea?” “Yes! Milk and sugar, please!” PATHETICAL!)). When Duhdee got home Monkey was in his room and I told him that Daddy was home. Monkey came running out of his room yelling “Hi Daddy! Hewwo! Hi! Hi!” but as soon as he saw the Dunkin Donuts bag and drink caddy in Duhdee’s hands he immediately switched to “Honey! Dunkins! Hurray! Yay! Dunkins!”
  • Five minutes later, Duhdee had put the goods on the counter in the kitchen and we were scheming how to keep the kid occupied while Duhdee went to move the presents. Normally, Monkey will go stand at the window to watch us when we go outside. Monkey came up with his own idea however. He strolled by us, casually, holding his opened cup of Dunkins hot chocolate. He looked at us briefly and said “Mmmm, good!” before proceeding to his laptop to browse YouTube clips. Problem solved. Everyone loves a cuppa Dunkins with their morning internet apparently.
  • Hours later, while we were shopping, Monkey was a little upset about going out. He had been arguing for a day in…he always wants to stay in when Umma is involved…but Umma had stuff to do and they tagged along. He settled down after a little while and at our 2nd stop of the day I was buying some…stuff…and Monkey really just wanted a hug. Actually, he really wanted me to pick him up, squeeze him, kiss his cheeks and pretend to bite his ears and, so, I did. His mood was greatly improved and I thought I could finish my shopping. But Monkey hadn’t had enough! He can never get enough hugs and kisses, which is one of many, many reasons I love him to bits. But I wanted to hurry before this good mood of his passed, it happens.  I started power walking through the aisles and he…chased me. So I ran around and misbehaved in the worst way with my laughing, happy Monkey. He chased me and didn’t get frustrated! I hid from him and he kept looking and calling out “Money!” but not too loudly and not too upset. It was fun. Poor Duhdee just stood there surrounded by…stuff ((OK, FINE! I was buying some underwears at Kohls, happy?))…and watched the fun. He was relieved to get the OK from me to take Monkey to the toy section. He’s a good sport.
  • Yesterday morning, as we were walking in to school a teenaged girl stopped us and said “Did he used to go to the [Insert Old School’s Name]?” I said that he did and she smiled at him and said she remembered him. I got her name. I like having big kids to look out for my little kid. I wonder if she’s old enough to babysit…she looked old enough…hmmm…(Note to self**ask teacher to see if we can track her down**). When I relayed the story to his teacher her eyes got really big and she told us a story from last week…Monkey was in line with his class walking down the hall when he passed a woman who is a retired teacher from the [Insert Old School’s Name]. He looked at her, took a few more steps and then stopped. He turned around, went back to her and said “Hi!” and waved. Then he got back in line and continued. The retired teacher was shocked, she hadn’t recognized him until he said something to her 🙂 He is making so much progress!

Curses! Out of time again. See, we really SHOULD just follow him around with a video camera 😉

2 thoughts on “A True Cuteness Dump, I promise.

  • December 8, 2010 at 10:24 am

    VERY cute. I LOVE the happy moments we get and appreciate so greatly! It’s so nice that you share yours with all of us!!!! Thank you!

  • December 8, 2010 at 5:51 pm

    Good stuff, I enjoyed reading this! …not that I don’t enjoy everything you write. 😉


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