Another cute Monkey story…

This morning while we were getting ready to leave Monkey brought me his vibrating toy and shook it at me.   I took it from him and discovered that the battery was dead.  We went to the battery drawer and while I put the new one in he threw the old one in the trash.  Once he saw that it was working he ran to the living room and tugged on one of the zippers to his backpack.  I guessed that he wanted the toy in his backpack and put it there.  Then he grabbed at the backpack and signed on.  I tried putting it on him even though he’d never let me do it before but this time he GRINNED when I put it on him!  I quickly sized it to fit him and he ended up wearing it until we got into the truck.  He was so PROUD of himself too, it was so cute!  It looks like he’ll be ready to carry his own backpack to school this fall!  Yay!

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