Cupcake comes to play.

Yesterday morning, Cupcake came over to play with Monkey for a while.  Let me tell you the cuteness is nearly unbearable when these two get together.  They just totally love each other.   It started off a bit rocky because although Monkey is great at sharing other kids’ toys he is not so great at sharing his toys.

Case in point…he even resorted to sitting on toys (that he doesn’t even play with normally) just to keep them out of Cupcake’s hands. 


After a few minutes and a few gentle reminders to share he was doing great.

The favorite activity of the day however was this…


Staring out the window watching Duhdee use the snowblower.  They’d even knock on the window to try to get his attention.  How cute are they? ((No, Monkey isn’t standing on anything.  They’re 3 years apart and he does just tower over her.  I think she was actually on her tippy toes trying to see out, lol.))

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