Do you want to hear something amazing?

Yesterday afternoon Duhdee sent me a message and asked me to call home he had something to tell me.

Monkey ran to go pee on the potty, Duhdee walked away because he is now able to go independently.  A few minutes later Duhdee realized Monkey was being very quiet and that he had not flushed the toilet.  Uh oh.  He rushed to check on him and found him sitting on the potty going POOP!  OMG!!!! 

He had finished going pee, put the seat down, turned around and sat himself on the toilet (no stool) and did his business just like a big boy.  Yayyyyyy!!!!!  Woot!  He was jackpotted with M&Ms for a treat and then Umma and Duhdee talked on the phone praising him for a job very well done. 

There is a light at the end of the potty training tunnel!!!!

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