Early morning experiments.

We have already had a busy morning of learning! What have we learned?

  1. If you use too much cooking spray on the griddle when pretending to warm your pizza, it will make the crust soggy and gross.
  2. How much cooking spray is too much? Somewhere between ANY (Money’s opinion) and most of a can (Caleb’s experience.) This range will hopefully be sufficient making further experiments unnecessary. Hopefully.
  3. Cooking spray does not make a good surface cleaner.
  4. Cooking spray does not make a good window cleaner.
  5. Cooking spray DOES make a huge f*cking mess. (I already suspected but some things Caleb just needs to learn himself.)

We have one final experiment still ongoing. How much Excedrin Migraine will Money require to make it through today? Results to follow.

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