Generalizing skills at their finest.

A couple days ago Monkey walked in on me while I was changing.  We are working on the whole concept of knocking on a door and waiting for permission to enter but so far we’ve only gotten as far as knocking on the door…mostly before he opens it but sometimes it’s still done while he’s opening it.  Anyway.

He walked in.  My back was facing the door so he saw my back and me fastening a certain undergarment.  Interesting.  He’d apparently not ever seen such a thing before and it left him a bit puzzled.  I looked over my shoulder and asked him to go out and close the door behind him and saw a very puzzled look on his face.  He stood for a moment longer and then said (complete with head cocked at a slight angle) ” ‘Mock?”

Ahahahaha *choke*  “No, it’s not a smock buddy.  Please go out and close the door.”   Hahahaha.  Very good generalizing skills though….both garments, both fasten in the back.  I don’t think I am going to teach him the proper term though, not yet.  The last thing I need is him asking for help with his bra before he plays at the water table at school.

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