He’s communicating like crazy!

Last night we had dinner out.  Monkey filled up on bread while we were waiting for our dinners so he only ate a little bit before he announced he was all done.  Since Duhdee and I had just started eating I told him he had to stay sitting and wait.  First, he tried this sentence “All done, wash hands, wash hair*.” When that sentence was met with “Not yet, we’re still eating.  You have to sit and wait.” He signed “Home.  Walk.  Trains.”  LOL  that is our after dinner routine.  We take the dogs for a walk and hopefully catch a glimpse of a commuter train as it goes through Belmont.We’ll have to try to get a picture of Monkey’s latest chore.  He’s been assigned the task of walking Copper on the nightly walk.  Since Copper is not great on a leash and more than a little unpredictable in his reactions to other animals we meet, I hold a second lead and keep him under control.  Monkey thinks it’s just awesome though and demands his leash as soon as his feet hit the sidewalk each night.

*I have no idea why he wanted to wash his hair, he’s been asking for that after meals for a few days now. 

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