He’s learning so much…

Today started out with quite a display of Monkey’s appetite! He got up with Duhdee at 9:45 and ate some melon. I got up a half hour later and he wanted a cracker. I decided to try giving him some toast instead. He ate the toast and asked for more. I grabbed some pineapple, he ate that and asked for more. I cooked him an egg with cheese. He wanted more! I cooked him another egg with cheese and he was finally done. OMG!

This afternoon, while we were in the yard, Monkey kept a look out for airplanes. A helicopter flew by really close and he signed “helicopter” for the first time. Pretty cute. I also realized that he has been signing “train” lately too. He has modified it a little bit but it finally clicked that that is what he’s saying, lol.

During out nightly walk I asked Monkey where the moon was and he pointed right at it, lol. He did it again when I asked him to show Duhdee the moon. He’s just such a sponge!

Finally, at bedtime, we sat and read most of his current favorite book Oh The Places You’ll Go! by Dr. Seuss before he decided to get up and get a drink. The only problem was that his cup was in his crib and he wasn’t. He put each arm between a slat of his crib and brought the cup to his mouth and started drinking it through his crib, lol. I thought that was a pretty strong hint that he was ready for bed.

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