I feel like such a neglectful blogger!

Don’t you just hate it when work gets in the way of the rest of your life?  I’m a corporate paralegal and though I have a limited client group compared to most (only 1 client) they’re a very busy, very large group.  I am responsible for 5 publicly traded companies and their approximately 450 privately held subsidiaries.  There are about 20 different real estate, corporate, litigation, environmental, intellectual property and tax attorneys who also work on this group and my job is to keep track of everything they are doing at all times.  Right now we are in the final week of preparing for a fairly large deal.  Just a smidge over $130 million will be changing hands.  Man, I wish I worked on commission.  ANYWAY, I will be back to posting  and commenting on all your sites consistently after the deal closes.

Happy Easter!

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