I had an AWESOME conversation last night with…

MONKEY! It was so cool!

After I got home last night Monkey ran out to the kitchen and pointed to the top of the fridge. We keep the junk food up there, lol. I asked him what he wanted and this conversation followed…

Monkey: “MMMMMMmmmm!”

Umma: “You want M&M’s?”

Monkey dances excitedly while I get the bag.

Umma: “Do you want blue or orange?”

Monkey: “Oooo, doh doh doh.”

Umma: “Do you want a blue M&M or an orange one, use your words.” (I thought he was trying to say orange again, he said it last week for his therapist.)

Monkey: “Bowl.”

Umma: “Did you say BLUUUE?”

Monkey, running to the cupboard, “No. Bowl!” and he grabbed a bowl.

LOL, he didn’t want one he wanted a bowl of them. He got a small handful as a reward. Little punk, I’m so proud.

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