I hope everyone had a fab weekend!

We sure had a great time here and we kept very busy, it’s going to take a couple posts to catch up!

Saturday was dedicated to finally finishing up the outdoor landscaping and planting our vegetable garden.  I had a very bad feeling about Saturday because Monkey started off in a very whiny mood.  He was constantly on the verge of tears for the first few hours for no apparent reason and of course those were the hours we had to spend running around gathering supplies for the lawn irrigation system! 

His mood finally picked up after we got home and started playing in the yard.  Duhdee moved two sprinkler heads so that they wouldn’t flood the garden since our veggies need much less watering than our lawn does.  Monkey was very helpful, he loves using tools so he kept a close eye on Duhdee’s progress.  He would grab one of Duhdee’s screwdrivers and find something to “fix” himself.

When he was tired of helping Duhdee he would help me with whatever I  happened to be working on at the time.  I repotted our strawberry plants and just generally dug around in the dirt.  We found a few worms in our flower beds and decided to relocate them to the new garden.  Monkey was very gentle with the worms.  It was just so cute to watch him cup these itty, bitty worms in his hand and carefully walk across the yard.

The last outdoor task of the day involved planting all the little seedlings we started in our basement under growlights 6 weeks ago.  We are now the proud parents of 16 tomato (4 varieties), 4 cucumber, 2 pepper, 2 basil and 2 parsely plants.  We were all pretty pleased with our efforts but none moreso than Monkey. 

Seriously, this boy of mine can not get enough dirt.  I actually caught him giving himself a dirt SHOWER prior to planting the veggies in the garden.  He would put a big handful of dirt on the top of his head and then tip his head down so the dirt would fall past his face.  Obviously, Saturday ended with a LONG bath.  He was mostly skin colored by bedtime which I’ll claim as a victory.

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