I’m just here to help.

Soooo, I have yet another post about the conference…bored yet? It’s that or whine about how much it sucks that Monkey is sick. Again. It’s viral, says the doctor so we just have to wait it out *sigh* Poor kid.

Hmmm, looks like I whined about that anyway…so here is your reward!

On Saturday there were several vendors at the conference. One was JSGenetics, a company who is developing a swab test kit for fragile x. Any of you who’ve done the saliva test…this one is much less…*blehhhh*shudder* They were looking for people who had already had a fragile x test and had either tested positive OR negative to test the efficacy of the test kit. THIS I can handle so I brought home two of these:

One for me and one for Monkey. It’s just now occurred to me that I’m not sure *how* I’m going to convince him to let me do this…oops.

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