Isn’t it always the way?

We’re back to crappy sleep here but there is a reason.  Monkey and I are sick, oh the joy! 

We’ve managed to come down with some sort of virus that includes a racking cough, fever and a general feeling of yuckiness.  We’re both tired but we can’t sleep well because we’re so uncomfortable.  Work is so very busy right now that I can not stay home.  Even worse, I need to work late most nights.  Monkey has stayed home from school with Duhdee all week but it doesn’t seem to be helping.  His temp is below 100 but he is very whiny, very tired and not sleeping.  Poor Duhdee, it’s a wonder he hasn’t taken to drink!

I refuse to end this on another sour note, it runs contrary to my need to find the silver lining.  Hmmm…well isn’t this a pickle?  I can’t think of anything new or fun to share! 

I guess I’ll just settle for a sweet moment Monkey and I have begun sharing in our time of sickness.  Monkey has noticed that, although we are really strict about making him sleep in his own bed most of the time, we relax our standards when he’s not feeling well.  As if to further sweeten the deal, however, he has taken to pausing as he crawls over me to find an open spot in the bed just long enough to give me a nice cheek to cheek hug.  It takes me long enough to recover from my moment of “Awww” for him to plant himself securely between us and pull the covers up to his chin.  Only a monster could remove him from the bed at that point 😉

That’s all I’ve got.  I’m a sucker for a sick Monkey 🙂

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