Nooooo!!! (unabridged version)

Yesterday afternoon, Monkey lost his very first tooth.  We’re not sure when it even happened. We didn’t even know any of his teeth were loose, so I guess it didn’t bother him very much!

Duhdee and Monkey were outside when Duhdee noticed it.  He fuh-reaked out when he realized Monkey was missing a tooth…he didn’t realize kids started losing them at this age so he was thinking it had been knocked out, lol.  Fortunately, Dentist Google cleared it up for him just before he called Monkey’s teacher asking for an explanation 🙂

Monkey is not the least bit interested in showing off his gap.  The tooth right next to it is really loose…like fold over and make Umma GAG loose, gah!  I think we’ll be having a repeat visit from the Tooth Fairy very soon.

Speaking of the Tooth Fairy…she left Monkey a dollar.  Is that the going rate for baby teeth?  I was sort of thinking a gift card from Toys R Us but I’ve been known to overdo things once in a while.  Duhdee thought that was nuts, lol.  She did only get a note, not a tooth, so maybe she wasn’t too pleased with that situation.

Monkey didn’t seem at all interested in the whole Tooth Fairy thing last night but he signed the note and watched us put it under his pillow.  He then proceeded to wake up eighty bazillion times during the night.  Awesome.  This AM he brought his dollar to me to show me and gave it a hug…that made up for the total and utter lack of sleep.  Sort of.

One down, how many left to go now??

One thought on “Nooooo!!! (unabridged version)

  • September 16, 2009 at 10:15 am

    Just be happy you got to see the tooth. In all of Matty’s years we have rescued 3 teeth. One was pulled out by a dentist. The last two were molars and apparently to big to swallow so he spit them out.

    $1 sounds pretty fair. It is so cute that he hug it.. aaawwww 🙂


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