Shifting names.

Once upon a time our little Monkey could not call us anything. Eventually, he learned to approximate the ASL signs for Mommy and Daddy and we were thrilled! As his speech has developed, we’ve been called “Ma & Dee” “Umma & Duhdee” and “Ummai & Honey.” This last variant has stuck around long enough that I thought he’d finally made his decision and was intending to stick with it.

It seems that, once again, I drew a faulty conclusion.  Monkey has once again decided to make a slight alteration.  He’s happy with “Honey” ((Or “EWIK” if Honey doesn’t respond promptly enough.)) but “Ummai/Ummy” is on the way out.  There are worse things to be called and it DOES rhyme with “Honey,” which I think is a nice touch…but…I’m pretty sure I’m the only person in my family who has ever been called…or ever will be called… “Money.”  Srsly.

“Honey!  Money! S’go home!”  It’s especially nice when he throws a little whine into it… “Moneeeeeeeeey!”

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