Snow Day and the Bathroom Stalker.

Yesterday afternoon it started snowing.  Not a big deal, I do live in New England, but it is still snowing.  School was canceled which is a pretty big deal, Cambridge hardly ever cancels school.  Work was also deemed optional by the powers that be since 3 of our 3 offices were “adversely affected” by the storm.  Woot!  I’ll take a snow day, even if it means snow. Boo!

I keep meaning to tell you about my Bathroom Stalker but never seem to remember.  He just refreshed my memory though.  Whenever I go in the bathroom, he races to come watch.  When he was little it wasn’t a big deal but he’s getting to be a big boy now and Mommy really could use some alone time once in a while, even if it’s only when I’m in our tiny bathroom.  So, I’ve begun locking the door.

This development makes my little stalker furious.  When confronted by a locked door he starts knocking politely.  He gradually ramps up the knocking until it’s noticeably less than polite.  He will then grab the door handle and shake the door until I am afraid he’ll knock it right off the hinges.  I will tell him that he needs to wait a minute, I’m almost done (I am such a liar) and he will then lay down on the floor in the hallway so he can stare at my toes.  He’s not even the slightest bit embarrassed when I catch him laying their either.  He’ll just smile, wave and say “Hi!”

2 thoughts on “Snow Day and the Bathroom Stalker.

  • March 3, 2009 at 2:46 am

    This was hilarious, I just had to laugh out loud reading this. I have a bathroom stalker myself… but she is still little, so I don’t mind yet and keep the door open. But I will go in, and inevitably, she will stop wht she is doing and crawl over and say hi. Now I think it is more about the room, since she can cruise along the tub, and she is never alloud in there, but Daddy thinks its cuz she misses mommy. I suppose one day this will be a bigger deal, but maybe her interest will helpw ith Potty training in the future. I can just imagine your little guy peaking under the door at your toes… So incredably cute!

  • March 3, 2009 at 11:54 am

    We encourage Monkey to watch Duhdee use the potty, it’s a great way to encourage potty training. He doesn’t get much from watching Mommy though as he has always preferred to stand. Sometimes, when we know he needs to go but he’s reluctant to stop what he’s doing, we bribe him by telling him Duhdee is going to go…he never misses that event!


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