So many new things!

OK, so a quick update on Monkey boy, he is doing so many new things!

He’s crawling…like on his hands and knees on the FLOOR! It’s amazingly cute. He actually looks a bit like a seal, lol.

He will push himself to standing rather than scooting to something and pulling up on it.

He is making a TON of new sounds. He is using both consonents and vowel sounds (for the longest time he only used vowels.)

He signs “Daddy” and “moose.”

He can walk up the stairs to the front porch.

He can sit on his bum and scoot down the stairs on the back porch.

He knows how to use the remote control for our AC unit.

He’s learning to use PECs. Yesterday was his first try and he did well.

He helps us feed the dogs. He picks up their bowls and hands them to us, he opens the drawer where the dog food is and tries to open the container. He uses his hands to scoop food into the bowls (we have to help make sure he puts enough in) and then he holds on to our hands and walks us to where the food bowls go.

He helps wash the table before dinner if I give him a sponge, he also dries the table if I give him a paper towel.

He helps me unload the plates from dishwasher.

He LOVES to drive me to the train station. He’ll pick up my bag and hand it to me and then ask to be picked up. Then he’ll point at the front door and wave, lol. Sometimes¬†Duhdee falls for it and gives me a ride.

I’ll post more as I think of them.

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