Stayed home today…

We had hoped to send Monkey to daycare for the day so I could go to work and Duhdee could finish installing the new toilet we bought this weekend as part of our ongoing remodel but the daycare was full! I ended up staying home to watch him because we NEED a toilet!

It turns out that it was a good thing I did stay home too! Duhdee definitely needed a hand with the sheetrock on the ceiling and when he changed the shut-off valves for the sink. It turns out he had shut off only the cold water to our bathroom and to Great Grampy’s when he thought he’d shut off the cold and hot in our bathroom. This was discovered when he took off the old hot water shut-off valve and water sprayed across the room. I used 3 buckets to catch the bulk of the water while he ran downstairs and shut off the water to the whole house until he could figure out the problem. It was messy but a fan quickly dried up the water that I didn’t catch. It would have been a lot worse if we hadn’t had 2 people!

Other than manning the buckets I pretty much just hung out with the kid…I’m so lucky! Monkey was being very cute. In the morning I filled up the water fountain in the office because it was almost empty. Later, while I was making some sweet tea, Monkey came to the kitchen, grabbed the measuring cup I had used to fill the fountain earlier then went in and pretended to fill the fountain himself.

During nap time he was a little less cute though. I put him down and he pooped, then fingerpainted with it before falling asleep. I didn’t realize what he’d done until he was sound asleep. I let him sleep as long as I could stand it then we woke him up and cleaned him up. *GAG* Folks, I suggest you buy stock in Clorox wipes because this is starting to become a habit for him. Ick.

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