We’re all so happy that the weekend has arrived. Poor Monkey has been very emotional all day…he’s just so tired by the end of each week.  We have some fun plans this weekend.  One of Monkey’s cousins (Grammy, we need a blog nickname for her!) is coming to visit tomorrow along with Grammy and her Daddy to celebrate her 4th birthday.

Then on Sunday we’re going to visit my family.  I really need to see my Papa.  He was diagnosed with Parkinson’s (most likely FXTAS though, I need to see if they ordered the FX test.)  I had a very vivid dream this week where he told me he was going to miss me.  Anyway.  A visit seems in order.  Monkey will enjoy seeing everyone and so will I.

Anyone want a dog?  He’s cute, see?


That’s the only reason he’s survived this long…he just pee’d on the floor.  Not in a puddle…but in a long, looping line that covered over 10 feet.  $#&*&^*%(*^ dog.  Why do I feel bad for yelling at him??  Click on the picture for the full size/full effect and you might see why.  $#&*&^*%(*^ dog.

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