The fall…

I mentioned last Friday that Monkey had a fall and then forgot to tell about it. Sorry for worrying anyone. Anywho, Monkey and Cupcake were outside playing in the backyard. Cupcake looks a bit like a cartoon character when she runs, she’s 2 so her arms and legs…heck, her whole body…looks out of control and about to crash with every step. She hardly ever does crash but this time she went down.

Monkey was right on her heels and tripped over her. If he put his hands straight out to catch himself he would have landed right on her so instead he tipped to the right and went down hard. Poor guy skinned up his knee and his elbow and then his head hit the cement walkway near the porch. He has a scratched and bruised chin and two (TWO!) fat and bloodied lips. He’s still got the skinned knee and elbow but he no longer looks like Angelina Jolie.

Of course, there was the OTHER fall at camp that I forgot to mention that left Monkey  with a very large bloody and bruised patch on his back just before we came home.  He still has a discolored area on his back from that too.  *Sigh*  that boy.

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