There was no Halloween miracle.

Every November 1st I say that I won’t do this again and every October my brain short circuits and my need to give Caleb all the same experiences as other kids kicks in. I start plotting…just a *little* something costume-ish without him being aware that it’s a costume…surely that will work! And every single year I fail. Every single year my *little something* turns into…more…

It came out awesome…but the most awesome part was…

  1. He said “trick or treat” to me and held out his bucket for candy.
  2. He put the costume ON (no photos, you’ll have to trust me.)
  3. He left the house in his costume (we made it to the end of our driveway.)
  4. Two neighbors came to him to offer him candy which he was happy to accept.

I’m reminding myself this morning that in this fragile X life, we celebrate inchstones…and last night was definitely that.

This morning, in true Caleb fashion, when we asked him about last night he was way more excited to talk about it after the fact than he had been to participate. Today he will be telling anyone who asks that he was “a MINION!” And he said “trick or treats” and he got candy.

He has clearly stored this as another happy memory and, ultimately, that’s worth way more to me than any amount of money.

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