There’s just no pleasing Duhdee sometimes.

For a very long time we’ve wished that Monkey could tell us what he wants to eat.  We can offer items at home and he will reject them one after the other until we either give up or figure out what he wants.  In restaurants we just have to guess and hope he’ll eat what we order.

Recently Monkey has started using an alternate method of communicating with us and it’s pretty effective!  One afternoon, at snack time, Monkey brought Duhdee the peanut butter, a paper plate and a loaf of bread.  Woo hoo!  Snack = peanut butter sandwhich, done.  

Not all of our food items are available in this manner though.  There are still a couple of shelves in the pantry that he can’t reach and he can’t reach the freezer either.  This has limited his choices a bit but yesterday he was able to figure out a way to use what he could reach to ask for what he couldn’t.  He brought Duhdee two items and the two items planned our entire dinner. 

He brought Duhdee the ketchup and the honey mustard.  🙂  We had homemade fries and chicken nuggets and Monkey ate every bite on his plate and then asked for more.  What a cutie.

So, given the fact that Monkey is now finally figuring out ways to communicate with us regarding what he wants to eat, you’d think Duhdee would be happy.  Nope.  He was put out (mildly) because he wasn’t feeling well and he was hoping for something less labor intensive for dinner.  Poor guy, lol.

One thought on “There’s just no pleasing Duhdee sometimes.

  • August 8, 2008 at 9:33 am

    Had I not been under the weather, I would have thought that he suggestion was a great one. But cooking up homemade french fries and chicken tenders is quite a long process when one just wants to crawl into bed. LOL.


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